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"Past is [prolonged]...."

Here are archived the update logs from the beginning of the site through to the recent present. Update notices from the Front Desk are typically moved here after they are a few updates old.

The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid
Old Updates:

[April 18, AD 2012] The Wasteland 2 Kickstarter campaign is over! 3 million bucks is now in the hands of inXile, compliments of the WL2 backers. WOW. This site's primary focus will continue to be Wasteland [1] but I can't ignore the fact that Wasteland 2 is the buzz so I will attempt to cover major milestones of the sequel as well! Oh yeah, Scorpitron 2.0!

[April 16, AD 2012] Holy smoke! Wasteland is back! And so is the HQ-Grid. I've been really busy lately (ok, the past several years) with non-Wastelandish things. But Fargo has brought Wasteland back, so therefore I must return to the HQ-Grid. I've updated the timeline below. But the most important news is the Wasteland 2 kickstarter campaign, which ends April 17. Read and rejoice! (And yes, yes, I should have updated this site at the beginning of the campaign, but I've been busy on the forums and never quite got around to it!

Updated: Main page, Comm Center, Underground, Fallout, and Meantime pages.

[April 27-30, AD 2008] Converted and house-cleaned the Gateway Library. Moved some information through the Underground. Added three new End Statuses. Ranger Center is finally back!

[January 23, AD 2006] Content update: Added one Fallout End Status--my older brother's second win from 2003. Added several commentaries dredged from my queue of e-mail and Snake Squeezins posts from 2000-2005! Added Per Jorner's site to the Library. Added chapter 5 (the "latest") of Once Upon an Uzi, the Wasteland Tale written at Tales From the Wasteland, to the Wasteland Chronicles.

[June 22, AD 2005] Design update: With this update I have finally upgraded the design of the End Status collection to the new style.

Content update: I added six Wasteland end statuses (including two with Supreme Jerk characters), and one Fountain of Dreams end status, to the End Status collection. I've got a bunch more statuses (WL, FoD and FO) waiting to be uploaded but I just didn't have the time to squeeze them into this update, sorry! Expanded the Fountain of Dreams page with a link to a new Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ. Added a quote from my fan mail to the main page (top right, under graphic). I love fan mail!

[September 20, AD 2004] Added an endorsement of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It's just that good!

[August 29, AD 2004] With this update I have upgraded the format of the Recreation Center. Now accepting new submissions to supplement this page which I know could be a lot bigger and better! Also, I finally finished upgrading the format of the Fountain of Dreams page which I apparently last touched on February 26, 2001. Yikes!

Content update: Added some new tributes between Wasteland and the Fallout series. Added some old (circa 2002) and new (circa 2004) commentary to the Underground. Cleaned up the File Room's links, and added the Wasteland Advance to the list. Cleaned up the Links page. Added a hyperlink from the Meantime page to the Underground. (Can you find it?) Added Ranger Gasmier's "Bunkers" Wasteland Tale from 2002. Updated the Wasteland History (below). Added a new link on the Meantime page (at bottom).

[May 6, AD 2004] Thanks to those of you who wrote in to say that the e-mail address images weren't working on the Comm Center page! This mini-update corrected that error. (They uploaded in upper case instead of lower case, argh!)

[September 4, AD 2003] With this update I have upgraded the format of the Underground and the Meantime pages.

Content update: Added a section on the front page to support the Free Wasteland! campaign. Added a review of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and the entire Wasteland / Fallout series to the Fallout page, as well as one new Fallout 2 / Wasteland similarity. Added new commentary to the Wasteland Underground. Added an explanation for retracting a story from a Wasteland Chronicler to the Reading Room (see Fountain of Dreams). Cleaned up and added some new links at the Links page. Added a bunch of new information about Meantime. Added some new entries in the Wasteland History section below (look toward the bottom).

Also, although not (yet) part of the HQ-Grid, the Gnarly Sellers' Post Nuclear War Selections has been updated with a few books. If you haven't seen this list before, it might be worth your while to check it out. Some of these selections were inspiration for the creators of Wasteland, Fallout, etc.

[February 27, AD 2003] With this long overdue update I have upgraded the formatting of the Fallout page.

Content update: I added some new tributes to Wasteland found within the Fallout series of games (Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel), and added an entry in the Wasteland History timeline for Fallout Tactics: BOS. (I know this isn't a tremendously big update but I wanted to get it out all the same!)

[July 29, AD 2002] With this update I have upgraded the formats of: Updates, File Room.

Content update: By request, I updated the author of a few Wasteland Chronicles, Underground tips, Wasteland End Statuses, and other mentions of this name to a pen name. If you know who it is, aren't you clever! If you don't, let's just say this person wants to be known more for his other Internet efforts than his connection to Wasteland. Crazy, I know, but hey, some of us are apparently professionals.

Also, I updated some commentary (armor, operating system compatibility) on the Underground (Wasteland Room), although I haven't upgraded the format yet. I added links to the ongoing and some past home-made Wasteland games to the File Room.

[May 14, AD 2002] As you may have already noticed, not all pages on the new site here at have been converted to the new format. It would take me too long to convert the whole site at once, so I decided to transfer all the pages from the previous location and reformat them as I have time. If you spot any bad links, please let me know. With this update I have upgraded the formats of this, the main page, as well as: Site Graphics, Reading Room, Comm Center.

Back when I was started thinking about reformatting this site, I issued The [First] Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid Button Contest at Snake Squeezins, the Wasteland Yahoo! Group. See the Site Graphics page (nee Wasteland Now!) for the details of the contest and the results!

Content update: In my November 15, 2000 update, I inquired about Fallout: Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. Thanks to those who have written over the months (years!) about this game. If you have noticed any similarities between this game and Wasteland, do send them on over to me and I will be sure to post them at the Fallout series page.

[February 27, AD 2002] Welcome to! This page and the accompanying flash animation (see index.html) are but a preview of the new look and feel of The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid.

It was supposed to be a new look for the new millenium. That's right, I started working on this update in 2000 hoping to publish it in January of 2001, but due to some technical difficulties and the delays associated with such a grand revamp, I wasn't able to get all of this site re-done at once. Soon, be on the lookout for a complete overhaul of the site.

But, you came to this site for Wasteland content, so if I may, please continue on to the old site, still located at (The old site still has all of the content!) However, please check back here at often to see more of the new site's design, content and graphics.

[November 15, AD 2000] First, a question. Can anyone who has played Fallout: Tactics give me a good review of the game? I'd like to put some information about the game on the HQ-Grid, both in the timeline below and the Fallout page. Thanks in advance for the help! Ok, today I added a comment about running Fountain of Dreams inside of Windows 2000 to the recently opened Fountain of Dreams Room at the Wasteland Underground. Also added some Wasteland commentary to the Wasteland Room, and the first book in a series of post-nuke books (the Deathlands series by James Axler) at the Gnarly Sellers' Post-Nuclear War Books page.

For almost three years now I have been in contact with a programming team in Hungary. These guys, inspired by Wasteland, have been making a role-playing game for the Commodore 64 platform called Newcomer. I've tested some of their beta versions over the years and they've acknowledged my help on their website and even have a link to the HQ-Grid (see the "Cyberlinks" and "Creation" pages). Why should you care? Well, I keep promising them that I'll give them some publicity as one of the "games inspired by Wasteland" but since I've never put up a page on that subject, my promise has been empty until now. Check out the home page for Newcomer and see what this fuss is all about!

[September 27, AD 2000] Thanks to my brother, Ranger Will, for pointing out that The Complete Wasteland NPC List was missing the graphics accompanying some of the characters. I have uploaded them (Jackie, Christina, Ace / Mayor Pedros / Covenant, Redhawk, VAX) to the site. Added one commentary to the Wasteland Underground (see Ugly John's stronghold). Added one Wasteland / Fallout similarity to the Fallout page.

[September 11, AD 2000] Added new commentary to the Wasteland Underground and also added a new Underground room: The Fountain of Dreams Room. Posted a tribute to Fountain of Dreams found in Fallout, and posted a tribute to Wasteland found in Fallout 2. Oh, by the way, Launch code: MOTEKIM! is done. Actually, it has been over for quite some time. (See the page for details.) I have re-linked to a once missing Wasteland Chronicle, viz., The Tale of Mr. Grizzly. Thanks to my brother, Ranger Will, for pointing out that it was there but not re-linked yet.

[May 4, AD 2000] I have updated the post-nuclear war selections you can purchase from at The Gnarly Sellers. One new commentary has been uploaded to the warehouse of data stored at the Wasteland Underground, and a Top Ten list has been added to the Wasteland Hilarity page.

[March 18, 20 AD 2000] Sorry for the late update, but I've had a bunch of these updates on the books for a month now, but never uploaded them. MobyGames' February feature article about Wasteland is great--read it today! Corrected the webring code for the poorly administrated Fallout webring on the Fallout page. Updated the Copyright date for the Wasteland Chronicles. Added a new listing on the Recognition page and a new listing at the Gateway Library.

[January 19 AD 2000] Reworded some of the History section, and added advance notice of MobyGames' February feature article about--you guessed it--Wasteland! Cleaned up and added some links to the Gateway Library. Updated Ben Morgan's Exhaustive Wasteland Walkthru (to version 2.3a) at the Underground.

[January 6 AD 2000] Mini-mini-update. Wasteland is inducted into the gamespy Hall of Fame! Alright! What a way to usher in the new Fake Millenium!

[October 13 AD 1999] Mini-update. Added one Fallout 2 / Wasteland similarity, and added a statistics counter (above) so I can see from where in the world visitors have traveled. Also added chapter 4 of Rise From the Ashes and chapter 4 of Once Upon an Uzi. Lastly, I put up some information on Wasteland Zero at the Binaries Database. It is a grassroots project to create a computer game prequel to our favorite game! Also, I can't believe only two folks have attempted the August Launch Code: MOTEKIM! Come on, toughen up rangers!

[September 29 AD 1999] This month's updates:

  1. New feature! Wasteland Hilarity is home to humorous articles, lists, submissions from you, the Wasteland Ranger!
  2. Removed some defunct hypertext portals from the Gateway Library.
  3. Added several new commentaries to the Wasteland Underground.
  4. Added a new set of characters you can download at the Binaries Database.
  5. Uploaded the first chapter in a new Wasteland fiction to the Wasteland Chronicles, by Timo Takalo, and the first three chapters of a new Fallout fiction by Terminal Blue.
  6. Noted a new parallel between Wasteland and Fallout 2.
  7. Posted a hint for the tough August Launch code: MOTEKIM, along with some promotions for the two who've already solved it.

[August 8 AD 1999] I hope you understand the dearth of updates recently. If not, here is why! However, stolen minutes scattered over the past several months I have spent putting more content here, and it's time to share it!

  1. I'm proud to release to the general viewing public the long-awaited Wasteland / Fountain of Dreams Tale, Dream Tales, which you can now read on the HQ-Grid! While you're there, read a couple of new story segments in the ongoing pennings of some More Tales From the Wasteland. And finally, check out the first two chapters of a Fallout fan fiction in progress.
  2. I've listed some more post-apocalyptic books at the Gnarly Booksellers after conversing with prolific author David Robbins.
  3. Solve the newest Launch Code: MOTEKIM!
  4. I tweaked the code for the front page. It will load faster now that I have specified height and width tags in all the images.
  5. Check out the newly conglomerated End Status page, with two new Wasteland (actually, they're a bit old--December 1997 and September 1998) and the HQ-Grid's first Fallout end status.
  6. Read some new commentary posted to the Underground!
  7. Enjoy two new Wasteland/Fallout tributes on the Fallout page.
  8. The Communications Center has some new additions!

[AD.1999.May.29] I was kind of busy this month becoming a dad twice-over (baby boy, 8 lbs. 12 oz.!), but before that I did manage to work on the June update for a bit, and I've added a bit more to it tonight. So, go on and read some new Wasteland fiction at the Wasteland Chronicles page! And, although I've scored the May Launch Code: MOTEKIM! entries, I haven't had the time to finish the June puzzle. Maybe by mid-month, so stay tuned!

[AD.1999.May.13] Check out the last of the two lost Wasteland Maps! Get ready for more Launch Code: MOTEKIM! Read the latest version of the Wasteland Chronicle, Penelope!

[May 6 AD 1999] Awesome! Thanks to Nils Jeppe for sending me the last of the missing maps--Highpool and Quartz.

[AD.1999.April.13.0845.Zulu] One big addition today: check out the selection of post-nuclear war books I've collected at the Gnarly Booksellers' Post-Apocalyptic Selections. AND, three commentary additions today at the Wasteland Underground. (I didn't take off the spinning new graphics from the April.02 update in case you haven't noticed them yet....)

[AD.1999.April.02.0758.Zulu] Here's that April update you've been waiting for! Visit the overhauled Wasteland Chronicles pages and read the latest story by Jess Gulbranson! Methods for correspondence with Rangers around the world are now centralized at the Communications Center. I posted three (3) new commentaries on the Underground. And, FINALLY, what you've all been waiting for, and what will keep you coming back to the HQ-Grid every month.... Yes! It's Launch Code: MOTEKIM! (Oh, and P.S. In case you missed it, here's a fake Press Release I sent out to Snake Squeezins for April Fool's Day. Heh heh.)

[March.17.1999] Ok crum bums. I edited Fat Boy's Wasteland End Status, both on the End Status List page and his own page. (Check out his notes at the end.) But the big news is: I'm taking your comments to heart. I hope to have a new monthly feature implemented here at the HQ-Grid starting in April 1999. It'll make you come back more than you do now, you'll love it so much. Consider this a teaser. Not like this teaser, of course, but even better! (Heh heh.) Annnddd, due to popular demand, I've denoted with a spinning new graphic those places in the Underground which are updated. Speaking of which the Underground has been updated. Find the spinning new graphics in the left 'contents' frame. (Note: some commentary is older than today, but I'm just now getting to posting it. "Time, oh give me time....")

[March.2.1999] Added a couple of stories to the Chronicles, including a new one and a revamp of an old one (Boos' FoD story). Added a Fountain of Dreams End Status. A few updates to the Underground. Also, there are about 140 subscribers to Snake Squeezins, a new eGroup has formed for writing new WL stories at Tales From the Wasteland, and coding of Desolation! continues.

[February.5.1999] The question is, what DIDN'T I update tonight? As part of replying to over 20 old e-mails I recently uncovered from the hidden depths of my hard drive and the Internet, I've updated quite a bit here: Feel the thrill of new commentary in the at the Underground! Two new stories to read in the Wasteland Chronicles! The Fallout page has been updated! A super-character for Fallout has been uploaded for you to play-test at the Binaries Database! Revel in the victories of some new Wasteland End Statuses! Fixed locations for the walk-through and hex-edit instructions for Fountain of Dreams! Check out the 'Acquisition' section below for updated ways to get Wasteland! (whew!) Alright, that should keep you guys busy for a while....

[January.31.1999] I'm slowly going through the ~60 messages that I never received until this past week, and will be updating the various HQ-Grid pages as a result. For now, check out the Underground for a few additions, as well as a change of "blurb" on the Fallout page. Also, Snake Squeezins is up to ~140 subscribers. Come join the discussion!

[January.27.1999] Retraction! Using bassaf @ will be just fine. Although I can no longer auto-forward from there to my other accounts, I can now access my mail directly without having to forward. So carry on with the volumes of mail!

[January.8.1999] Added links to a Fountain of Dreams walk-through and a character hex-editor. Enjoy!

[January.5.1999] Updated one thing for the new year. Can you guess what it is? [It was the year, 1999. -RB]

[December.16.1998] Found an HTML error inTales From the Wasteland and dutifully corrected it. (It was in the second paragraph of Tale Four.) Also, the Snake Squeezins eGroup is up to 102 subscribers, with a total of 14,113 messages read just at Double also, there is a Wasteland MUD in development. It is called Desolation!, and if you would like to help code, stop on by! The location of the actual MUD is at 7878.

[October.19.1998] Visit the overhauled Fountain of Dreams pages, complete with some graphics from the game, and a corrected uppercase typo. (For shame, me spelling Florida as FLorida.)

[October.14.1998] I've formally set up the Binaries Database to accomodate binaries for download. With the recent acquisition of the Wasteland Character Editor, I thought I'd set up a page that listed such binaries. Check it out! Also, I've added a blurb on the main page about Fallout 2, coming soon to a computer game store near you. The homage to Wasteland continues! (Ok, at this point, they're probably riding on the coattails of Fallout [1], not trying to lop on more tribute to Wasteland, but that depends on your point of view.)

On a different note, Snake Squeezins has been getting a lot of traffic. As of today, we're at 36 subscribers including Wasteland Creators Mike Stackpole, Ken St. Andre and Alan Pavlish. Come join the discussion!

[October.2.1998] Thanks to Ranger Roark for recovering one of our Wasteland Maps, the map to the Silver Mines near Quartz!

[September.26+28.1998] Inspired by my own guilt at the lack of updates, I processed about 20 Wasteland mails backed up in my mailbox this weekend and updated a few pages: Fallout, The Wasteland Underground, a minor tweaking to a Wasteland End Status, and the Acquisition section. I've also noticed that as of today, there are 16 people subscribed to Snake Squeezins, and there have been 19 unique users who've read a combined total of 179 messages on our list. Alright!

[September.22.1998] Admittedly, I'm slow with updates recently. But not for lack of information and material sent in by loyal Rangers! Patience, my friends! In the meantime, here's a positive response to one recent e-mail: Snake Squeezins, an eGroup mailing list. Basically, you can access the mail to this list from the web or from your e-mail account, or both! To subscribe, check out the colored form box above. Happy Squeezin!

[July.7.1998] Wow! Thanks to Ranger Fredrik for sending me two of the missing maps--the Agricultural Center and the Rail Nomad Camp. He'd downloaded them a while back when I still had the site at My eternal thanks, Fredrik! If anyone can find the rest, do let me know!

[June.9.1998] Updated the Acquisition section below to reflect some recent changes in pricing and availability of Wasteland.

[May.15+21.1998] Added some new commentary to the Wasteland Underground, a new Wasteland End Status, and a new Wasteland Chronicle! Also, just for fun, added some links to the computer game companies featured in the top 20 of the Computer Gaming World Magazine's 150 Best Games of All Time found on the Review of Wasteland page. Check 'em out!

[April.30.1998] I found Alexander's Complete Wasteland map on another Wasteland site out there. So someone must have snagged it before it was deleted from the HQ-Grid. Yee-ha! The map is back up in all it's glory with Alexander's notations, on the Wasteland Map Collection. Again, if anyone has the other maps that Alexander created, please do inform me so I can re-post them at the HQ-Grid.

[April.6.1998] I cleaned out the Gateway Library by adding some new links and pounding some bad links into ground round.

[March.27.1998] The HQ-Grid is now a member of Tim Gray's Wasteland Web Ring. Join up today and connect your Wasteland site!

[March.23.1998] Thanks to Tim Gray for locating the Unofficial Wasteland Reset Program for me. It is now available for download from the Binaries Database at the HQ-Grid.

[March.20.1998] Several perceptive Rangers out there have informed me that Jeremy Reaban's Unofficial Wasteland Reset Program is no longer accessible at his site. Furthermore, his site is no longer accessible either! If anyone has downloaded this program, please send it to me! I have searched my archives and file systems but cannot seem to find where I stashed it. This seems to be quite a popular program, based on the fact that I've had five inquiries in the last week as to where it is!

[March.4.1998] I added some references to Wasteland found within the Fallout game at the Fallout page. (And I even fixed a missing right parenthesis and a typo on the Fountain of Dreams page. Yes, I do pay attention to the slightest details, all for your viewing pleasure!)

[January.27-28.1998] I finally scanned in the game box for Fountain of Dreams. Enjoy! Also, see History and/or Acquisition for the latest re-release of Wasteland!

[January.15.1998] Some new commentary on various topics has been added at the Wasteland Underground.

[December.29.1997] The Acquisition section below has been updated, for those of you looking to find a copy of Wasteland for your very own.

[December.24.1997] More Wasteland end stats have been posted to the Wasteland Characters End Status page.

[December.9.1997] Some new commentary has been added and links and pictures have been fixed at the Wasteland Underground! The Fallout page lists some tributes to Wasteland found in the new Fallout game!

[October.15.1997] The latest story in the Wasteland Chronicles, this one by Maestro the Rookie, can now be read on this site!

The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid [September.13.1997] Download the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid button and proudly display it on your home page as a link to the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid! See the Wasteland Button page for details.

[September.3.1997] The next chapter in the life of Wasteland has been written, see the History section on the main page!

[August.29.1997] Newly re-loaded onto the pages, the first Wasteland Chronicle penned by a non-Assafian Maestro. Read Jordan Boos' Fountain of Dreams story at The Wasteland Chronicles page!

[August.19.1997] The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid has returned to a more stable location (, after a disasterous attempt at relocation to Unfortunately, most of my graphics are stuck on the old, locked-out site. My original source for the maps also has lost the maps due to a hard drive crash. If any one has the maps downloaded will you please send them to me, and I will re-post them on the site. Thanks!

[May.25.1997] The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid has been moved to a new location, namely I was offered an account back in January 1997, and finally decided to move the pages there. Hopefully this will be a great new site for the HQ-Grid!

[October.25.1995] The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid was born this day, to be found at the URL of (And there was much rejoicing....)

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