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15th Anniversary Issue -- November 1996

Here's the write-up that Computer Gaming World magazine gave Wasteland in the November 1996 issue, their 15th Anniversary issue! They ranked Wasteland as the 9th best game of all time (to the present day), out of 150 games that they ranked. Thanks for the review, CGW!

9. Wasteland
Interplay, 1987

A fascinating science fiction story set in a post-nuclear world of disintegrating technology, dysfunctional society and mutant organisms, Wasteland was the first game many of us played where the other members of the player's adventuring party acted like "real" people instead of inventory cabinets with names and automatons with skill sets. Ask the party to divvy up the cash and one or more might refuse. Try to get a party member to cough up his/her last clip of ammo? No way! But don't take our word for it. Play it yourself. The entire game is on this month's CG-ROM.

Also, for your information, here is a partial listing of the 150 Best Games of All Time, according to the CGW list:

  1. Sid Meier's Civilization [Microprose, 1993]
  2. Ultima IV [Origin, 1984]
  3. Mule [Electronic Arts, 1983]
  4. Red Baron [Sierra, 1990]
  5. DOOM [id Software, 1993]
  6. Sim City [Maxis, 1987]
  7. Wing Commander [Origin, 1990]
  8. Empire [Interstel, 1978]
  9. Wasteland [Interplay, 1987]
  10. Falcon 3.0 [Spectrum HoloByte, 1991]
  11. FPS Football 1995 [Sierra, 1994]
  12. Lemmings [Psygnosis, 1991]
  13. Zork [Infocom, 1981]
  14. Tetris [Spectrum Holobyte, 1988]
  15. Panzer General [SSI, 1994]
  16. Wizardry [Sir-Tech, 1981]
  17. Gabriel Knight 2 [Sierra, 1996]
  18. Sid Meier's Pirates! [Microprose, 1987]
  19. Secret of Monkey Island [LucasArts, 1989]
  20. Archon [Electronic Arts, 1984]

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