The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid
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page update: April 16, AD 2012

Welcome to the Communications Center at The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid. Here you will find information on communicating with the Desert Rangers stationed here and around the world. Note that some of the locations referenced here are not part of the HQ-Grid, and therefore you follow these links at your own risk!

The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid
Contact the HQ-Grid:

NOTE: Do not send an e-mail requesting a copy of the original Wasteland disks or files. This station does not condone software piracy. The answer is "NO."

That aside, if you have something else to write about, do send a note to the Desert Rangers currently stationed here at the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid! Of course, at this time, it's just me, Ranger Ben, and the cleaning droids.... Then again, there aren't any cleaning droids, either. At any rate, as the saying goes, comments, contributions, criticism, and complaints are all welcome. All mail should be addressed to Ranger Ben at:

Mail will be scanned for radioactivity and, upon decontamination and/or clearance, read and filed for timely reply.

The new site graphics were created by a fine artist, J. Tirrell, who rents a post office box at the HQ-Grid. If you want to comment on his graphics, offer him a graphic design job, or otherwise get in touch with him, send me an e-mail and I'll forward it along to him.

Wasteland forums:

Snake Squeezins
On September 15, 1998, I established a discussion group on the Internet named Snake Squeezins. This eGroup turned Yahoo! Group has its own private e-mailing list, private chat room, and has over 280 members as of April, 2002. In this forum, one can read and post messages both through the web site and also through one's e-mail account. It's the biggest gathering of Rangers this side of the atmosphere, so head on over there today!

   Visit Snake Squeezins.

Tales From the Wasteland
I established another eGroup (now a Yahoo! Group) on February 9, 1999, to host the construction of stories set in the Wasteland genre. Most stories here are written by multiple people taking turns; the story segments are archived at the HQ-Grid's Reading Room. Stop by and join the fun of writing the next great Wasteland chronicle!

   Visit Tales From the Wasteland.

Wasteland Survival Guide:

Wasteland Survival Guide
inXile has a huge forum set up for Wasteland 2+ discussion. I'm helping to moderate them. Stop on by and tell me that I sent you. :)

   Visit the Wasteland Survival Guide.

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