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Welcome to the Reading Room. Shh! Rangers might be reading one of the many tales archived here at The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid. Here you will discover the Wasteland genre of literature, as developed by true fans of the game who have taken it upon themselves to write stories based on the characters they have played in their own instances of the game. In 1990, we self-proclaimed Maestros Assaf ventured into this fictional arena out of a devotion to not only the Wasteland game itself, but to the life of the characters they puppeted through the game. This anthology is proud to welcome the talents of additional authors who also are inspired to pen their imaginations in the Wasteland genre, which includes the post-war settings described in the computer role-playing games, Fountain of Dreams and Fallout.

I hope that this genre will live on to inspire science-fiction lovers, perhaps future generations of bards of the desert Wasteland, as well as anyone who is looking for a great, classic, computer role-playing game unequalled in excellence to this day.

Here are some stories written about Jax Yllandian, Taran Cyberpunk and their friends, including the whole cast of built-in Wasteland players: from the unbelievably strong Mayor Pedros and his wife Felicia, to the endlessly lucky Ace [Maloney]. And don't forget the radioactive buddies Mad Dog Fargo and Metal Maniac as well as the clip-burning and beautiful Christina.

newNew this update: Tycho's Saga.

Construction note: Although I reformatted this page, all of the story pages have yet to be formatted completely. I'm working on 'em so please don't mind the mixed format!

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The Wasteland Chronicles:

The stories listed below include the original "Maestro Assaf" tales as well as some other stories that take place in the same setting and general time-line. I've ordered the stories in order of publication. However, each of the first set of stories in this collection, can be fit into each other's timelines, with not too much trouble.

* indicates a pen name.

Other Wasteland Chronicles:

Listed below are some other stories set in the nuclear and post-nuclear war setting.

More Tales From the Wasteland:

At the Yahoo! Group Tales From the Wasteland exists an ongoing effort to write more Wasteland stories in a collaborative-style. I formed this on-line effort to allow authors to take turns writing a chapter, or story segment, of a story set in the Wasteland. Each story is set up to have a circular queue of people, where each person waits his or her turn in the queue, and the first person in the queue follows the last. If you would like to be a part of a story queue, head on over the Comm Center for instructions on how you can sign up! Not all stories written here are round-robin style. Some are solo ventures that their authors have decided to publish here first.

Below is a listing of stories with segments written in this manner. Although they first appeared on the Yahoo! Group, they are reprinted and formatted here at the HQ-Grid. Each story link opens a new browser window.

The Gnarly Sellers:

In Association with Ranger Ben has set up a selection of post-nuclear war books that have actually been commercially published. You may visit at The Gnarly Sellers' Post-Nuclear War Selections.

Tales From the Wasteland (1990):

Wasteland reaches far beyond the constructs of that clever masterpiece of computer entertainment known as "Wasteland." As David and I wondered what to do after blowing up Base Cochise, we looked beyond the game. We could not simply salute "farewell" to our Desert Rangers! As we remembered our heroes' courageous exploits of the past, our minds' eyes saw the desert sand of the Wasteland sifting before us, smacking them in the faces, waiting to be detailed.

One summer David and I scribbled away with pen and paper and brought our heroes to life. Thus was born Tales From the Wasteland, several short story segments following the lives of one band of Desert Rangers under the leadership of the now legendary Jax Yllandian.

Read this story on-line!

"We can make this better," we thought. Years later we did (arguably), launching into the production of Tales onto audio tape. The finished two-tape set continued the studio production of stories as our fifth audio production, and began a new era of producing original works.

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A Tale Beyond the Wasteland (1992):

Years after the original Tales, a new saga was born in the characters and real-life situations of me, Maestro Assaf the Younger, Bernard Assaf. Under the leadership of Drake Who, Ph.D. and Napalm, this group of Desert Rangers escaped the Wasteland into reality, as detailed in the second Wasteland installment, A Tale Beyond the Wasteland, written by the Assaf brothers.

Read this hilarious and emotional struggle of good against evil!

This story was written with the intent to eventually produce it onto audio tape. We did. Thus was created our sixth story production, and our second Wasteland audio saga. Below are links to the actual casette tape covers they designed (using Word Perfect 5.1 for DOS):

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The Tale of Mr. Grizzly (1994):

Having the urge to pen a short story about my favorite of all the Wasteland characters (who shall remain nameless at this time!), I racked my brain for a plot. Thus finding one, I scribbled away and out popped the first solo-authored Wasteland story, The Tale of Mr. Grizzly: a story of a gruffly-voiced old man set thirty years into the future of the Wasteland genre.

Read this short story on-line!

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With or Without My Gun (1995):

In July of 1995, Maestro Assaf the Bolder published the transcript of a diary of Mad Dog Fargo, legendary Ranger. His diary, entitled With or Without My Gun, is a story of courage, trust and survival in the Wasteland. This is a gut-wrenching masterpiece of Wasteland-fiction you don't want to miss.

Read Mad Dog's diary about his struggles in the desert wastes!

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Dream Tales (1997):

Our brother, Luthen Iruun (pen name. a.k.a. "Maestro Assaf the Rookie") stepped up to the literary plate to pen the fifth official Wasteland story by the Maestros Assaf. This collection of tales is a crossover between the Fountain of Dreams setting and the Wasteland setting, and takes place in the near future after Tales and Beyond. You'll recognize some characters from both games.

Read the story here at the HQ-Grid.

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Fountain of Dreams (1997):

The Wasteland Story anthology, for a brief while, was proud to accept the talents of Ranger Jordan Boos who wrote a story set in the Fountain of Dreams setting. Boos revised his story in November 1998, but three years later decided he would pull it off the shelves. Here is what he had to say about his story, years after he wrote it:

Hello. You wouldn't remember me, but a long time ago I submitted the story 'Fountain of Dreams' to the Wasteland HQ grid. Then, a while later, I submitted a revision, which didn't really improve on anything. I guess I can't leave bad enough alone, so...

I humbly ask for mercy: Could you please remove that story from your site? I found it while trawling my old files, and... well... it's frankly horrible. Disturbing in content and just about plotless... yep, fairly awful. It doesn't really add much to the site, and in comparison to the other stories on the site, it's that much worse.

Thanks for having the heart to put it up in the first place (at the time, it was certainly an ego boost to my frail teenaged heart), but I really think the story's time has come to disappear out of existence.

Please erase it. For the children.

- Jordan Boos

I asked Ranger Boos if he wouldn't mind if I posted his retraction to the site, for its humorous content. He agreed, so here it is. R.I.P. Fountain of Dreams! (Oh, how appropriate that is!)

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Penelope (1997):

Maestro Luthen was inspired to write this short tale of one battle-hardened group of Desert Rangers as they infiltrate the Sewers under Vegas. You'll be shocked at the conclusion of this tale.

Read this short story on-line.

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Supreme Jerk (1998):

Jess Gulbranson is happy to offer his first Wasteland story for viewing at this site. He has written a few chapters in the life of a hardened Wasteland mercenary who has quite the different agenda than the Desert Rangers. He views these hardened Wasteland warriors in a different light than seen in past stories.

Read the beginning installments of this tale aptly entitled, Supreme Jerk.

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Mean (1998):

The author known only as V submitted an interesting tale to me about half a year after Jess' first story hit the Internet. Were you wondering just how a certain lucky Desert Ranger got himself killed in Supreme Jerk? Well, here you might get a clue. Be prepared for some major, gory battles!

Read the adventures of the 68th squad, the Anti-Muties.

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Cadaver Chase (1999):

Jess Gulbranson wrote a sequel to Supreme Jerk, and it is a sequel no Ranger will want to miss. Is the Supreme Jerk real, and who is it? And what is his connection to the world's luckiest Desert Ranger?

Read Cadaver Chase, the second installment of the Supreme Jerk series.

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By the Rockets' Red Glare (1999):

Johnny Rhyne has written a gripping tale of the start of World War III from the perspective of the game, Fallout. Since Fallout is in the same setting as Wasteland, we're talking about the same World War. The dates between the games don't sync up, of course, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying his story.

Read the story on-line at the HQ-Grid.

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Family (1999):

Jess Gulbranson's third Wasteland tale shifts perspectives to a different set of characters and relates how the nuclear exchange was instigated. Just how did the Earth orbiting satellites get wiped from the atmosphere?

Read Family and find out for yourself.

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Gun Wolf (1999):

This story chronicles the early adventures of Gun Wolf, an Indian tribesman who gets caught up with some Desert Rangers on a variety of missions. It is Wasteland Chronicler V's second Wasteland story, and it is loosely connected to Mean.

Read all about Gun Wolf here.

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Rise From the Ashes (1999):

The author known as "Terminal Blue" has submitted to the HQ-Grid four chapters of a story in progress. We believe he has posted the remainder of his story elsewhere on the Internet, but only gave us the first four chapters. The delivery of each chapter came in a series of intriguing e-mails reprinted below.

Important parcel; Handle with care

You hold in your hands a small metal tube, one end sporting a built-in geiger counter and the other looking to hinge upwards. The geiger is clicking away at a good rate, the needle waving dangerously between the yellow and the red zone. After sandblasting the tube to decontaminate it, you open it and remove the contents.

A manila folder is rolled up in the tube, a small post-it note attached to the front reads, 'Enclosed within this folder are Chapter 1 and [Chapter] 2 of a Fallout-based fanfic in progress. It came to my attention that you post Fallout fanfics as well as Wasteland ones, so I decided to send this these to you for archival purposes. Please note that the author is extremely inept at writing, and I am not to be held accountable in any way for harmful cranial seepage that may occur as a result of reading enclosed documents.'

It is signed simply, 'A friend'

Yet another sealed metal tube

Late at night as you are just about to settle into bed, you hear a knocking on your door. Wondering who would be at your door at 2am, you answer it. There is, however, not a soul to be found. Just as you're about to head back inside, the glint of metal draws your attention. Kneeling down, you see another sealed metal tube, this one looking to be in slightly better condition than the last, the geiger counter reading well within the green zone. You pop open the tube, and a small VidCD slides out and into your hand. You quickly head inside and pop the CD into a player.

You're greeted by at first a dark screen, which slowly lightens, revealing a human shaped figure sitting behind a large redwood desk. The light is coming from behind the figure, making it impossible to make out his exact features.

"Mr. Assaf, unless this material has been compromised, you're one of the select few to have this... Sensitive information. It would appear that my employer, a one Mr. Blue, neglected to include the name of his writing project with the last parcel. I have been instructed to give you that information."

The figure shifts a bit in the desk, shifting closer towards the foreground.

"Rise from the Ashes is the official name for now. Inclosed [sic] on this disk is the next installment, Chapter 3. You may post it in any public place you deem fit, but any attempts to modify the contents would be... Unpleasant for all of us. I trust your judgement will serve you well."

The screen fades to darkness again, to be then replaced by the words,

"Print hardcopy?"

The plot thickens...

[Chapter 4 speaks for itself.]

Unfortunately, Terminal Blue either never finished his story or never submitted it to the Rangers stationed here at the HQ-Grid for publication.

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Stranger in a Strange Land (1999):

Timo Takalo, one of the More Tales From the Wasteland contributors, started and submitted his own story about his take on life in the radioactive dunes.

Read the first chapter of this uncompleted work.

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Tycho's Saga: Conscience of a Wastelander (2019):

In late 2008, With or Without My Gun author David Assaf gasped as the Lone Wanderer exited Vault 101 and beheld a barren world, long in ruin, drenched in the somber grayscale of a moonlit night. This remarkable scene early in Fallout 3 illustrated perfectly to him how much Bethesda's developers had been inspired by Cormack McCarthy's The Road. And so too did he become inspired to keep a sporadic diary of sorts, of the Lone Wanderer's adventures, written from his POV. It quickly morphed into something else. Fast forward to 2019. David revisited the diary entries, dusted them off, polished them up, and posted them to Tales From the Wasteland. Tycho's story is a heroic epic set in the wasteland---not the one inhabited by our beloved Desert Rangers, but one yet familiar perhaps, and not too far removed.

Read Tycho's Saga here.

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