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SOURCE: Interplay Entertainment Corp.

Interplay announces free distribution of classic award-winning computer role playing game, Wasteland

IRVINE, Calif., April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Interplay Entertainment Corp. (Nasdaq: IPLY - news) announced today the release of Wasteland in a special anniversary collector's edition CD-ROM. This title is part of Interplay's recent exclusive agreement with its stockholders to distribute for free a series of their best-selling games since the companies inception.

A role playing game set in an alternate future where nuclear war has devastated the population of the Earth, Wasteland puts the players in control of a group of "Desert Rangers" who must uncover the secrets in the deserts of the southwestern United States.

Featuring state-of-the art graphics and sound for the mid 1980s, Wasteland puts human Desert Rangers face to face with killer robots, mutated desert creatures, and even hints of an alien invastion.

The re-issue of this game marks the first time Interplay has decided to release to public domain one of its best all-time selling games. Chris Kilpatrick, President of Interlpay Productions, decided it was time for this re-release. "We've repackaged Wasteland twice now in various anthologies, and couldn't be happier with their success." Kilpatrick was referring to the Interplay 10 Year Anthology, a collection of classic Interplay games released in 1995, as well as the Ultimate RPG Archives, which also contained Wasteland as well as the popular The Bard's Tale series of games, released in 1998. "Now, to thank our fans, and to celebrate Wasteland's success, we're offering it again, by itself, free of cost, and with a mail-in rebate offer for a bumper sticker created especially for fans." The bumper sticker features an alien spacecraft and bears the title "Will brake for Serpioid Invaders."

Brian Fargo, CEO of Interplay Productions and one of the original game designers of Wasteland, had this to say: "April fools!"

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SOURCE: Interplay Entertainment Corp.

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