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[Note: This is a slightly updated version of Cris Baer's original Ranger Center site, which he asked to be hosted here after he took it down.]
Venerable Ranger Center (You Are Here)

From here, countless brave Rangers have ventured off into the Wasteland, there to find glory, honor, and -- more often than not -- an ignominious death in some mutated animal's warren or on a cheap bar floor or in a dank and musty sewer or, well, you get the idea. Some may indeed ask why these otherwise sane souls would undertake such a journey, where giant bunnies and drooling Drools and all sorts of mechanized bandits (like our friends the Tronodiles below left) wait to feast on their remains. Certainly glory and honor could not be enough, certainly not. Perhaps, then, it is for the pure adrenal rush, the satisfying report of an assault rifle fired full auto, the comforting feeling accompanying an increase in skill level for a job well done. Perhaps, perhaps. The only way to know for sure is to enter the Wasteland yourself.
An Evil Tronodile!

Fortunately, some Rangers have made it through the horrors of the Wasteland and into the wonders of disk #4, and much of their expertise is located in the Ranger Center Library, where, for a few skill points, you can check out the Wasteland FAQ, which is currently available on this site in a .txt version. A fairly comprehensive list of the game's NPCs is also available.
Und hier fuer alle die mit dem englischen ein bisschen auf dem Kriegsfuss stehen, die deutsche Version des FAQ-Files (approx. 100k).
The latest English version of the FAQ is December 2001 (maintenance release); the most recent version auf Deutsch is August 30, 1996.
Run! It's a Warroid!

Wasteland Revival Project

I've been contacted by Martin Gutenbrunner about a project he's undertaken to create a modern approximation of Wasteland, to bring the joys of our favorite game to a new generation of gamers. He's looking to recreate the style and flavor of Wasteland in a traditional top-down CRPG, and he'd appreciate any interested parties to contact him to help with plot suggestions and graphics.

Contact Martin at The Wasteland Wiki to lend a hand or get more information.

And, of course, thanks and appreciation are due to the creative minds responsible for bringing us Wasteland in the first place (though for those of us who spent more time than perhaps advisable walking the radioactive desert in our misspent youths, thanks might not be the right word . . . ). Perhaps you recognize some of their names from within the Wasteland world itself: Ken St. Andre (whose original homepage had a great image of the Wasteland team all dressed to the post-apocalyptic nines, taken from the Wasteland box), Mike Stackpole, Liz Danforth, Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish, and Daniel Carver, just to name a few. Kudos all around.
Ranger Center Head Librarian

The Ranger Center Library is also equipped with a fair number of Internet Terminals (G5 Macs with Dual Processors, in case anyone cares), all of which have dedicated T3 links to a number of other Wasteland web sites. A good starting place, especially for those running Wasteland on C64 emulators, was Jake Kesinger's Rubblefanger! (nee Wasteland Info Page) before he took it down, which had the vital narrative paragraphs in various formats. Tales of the trials and tribulations of many Wasteland Warriors can be found at the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid, along with several interesting hints and a link to a walkthrough (not that you would ever dream of letting someone else tell you how to storm the Guardian's Citadel, right?). For a more scholarly approach to Wasteland, including an analysis of the game qua game and as a cultural artifact, you could have visited Wasteland -- The Greatest Game Ever Made.... until it went 404. The newest of the Wasteland sites, The Desert Ranger Outpost, is home to the Wasteland Web Ring as well as some great Wasteland (and Fallout) resources. Learn all that you can before heading out, or else some New Waver might well teach you a lesson you're sure not to forget.

For those Rangers with equipment troubles, the staff at Ranger Center suggests you check out one of the Apple ][ emulator checksheets, which should help you get up and running:

STM 0.881r

This document should help you figure out how to run (and, most importantly, save) Wasteland on the Macintosh's premier Apple ][ emulator, STM.

The Blue Plate Special at Scott's at Ranger Center is sadly no longer available. However, please take a look at the original full menu.

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There have been (final count lost to antiquity) Rangers stationed at Ranger Center since January 29, 1996
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