The Wasteland Maps

Part of the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid

As an introduction to this map museum, I must give credit to Nishan Hossepian, one of creators of the game Wasteland, who programmed a bunch of the maps for the game. He visited the HQ-Grid back in 1996 and was quite impressed that there is such a great fan following of this game he helped to create. Feel free to send me any more of Hossepian's creations for all to see on the HQ-Grid!

Map of The Wasteland

Here it is! It is the complete map of the Wasteland as seen in the game, as scanned in and with annotations by Alexander J. Pirchl, the honored Austrian Ranger. No Ranger will want to be without this map of the Wasteland! But a spoiler alert first--not all areas on the map can be seen at the beginning of the game (especially the radioactive ones)....

[Complete Map of the Wasteland]

Map of Highpool

Austrian Ranger Pirchl has once again used his talents from Map Skills/Geography 101 trainer in Ranger School (c.f. Tales From the Wasteland) in compiling the complete map for HighPool, usually any brave ranger party's first exploration. This map also has spoilers to locations not readily seen... Many thanks to Alexander for his excellent "drawing."

[Complete Map of Highpool]

Map of the Agricultural Center

Here is Pirchl's map of the Agricultural Center.

[Complete Map of Agricultural Center]

Map of the Rail Nomad Camp

Here is Pirchl's map of the Rail Nomad Camp. Be sure to skyrocket your gambling skill in the Casino Car!

[Complete Map of the Rail Nomad Camp]

Map of the Mines near Quartz

Here is a map of the Mines near Quartz. Happy silver mining! (Oct.2.1998 -- Thanks to Ranger Stephen Roark for supplying this map!)

[Complete Map of the Mines near Quartz]

Map of Quartz

Here is Pirchl's map of the wonderful town of Quartz, home of Mayor Pedros. Don't forget to visit the graveyard!

[Complete Map of Quartz]

Wasteland and all Wasteland artwork are Copyright © 1986-88 Interplay Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Image annotations added to original artwork by various image editors.

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