The Unofficial Wasteland Reset Program

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For those of you who are playing the Interplay 10 Year Anthology version of Wasteland, or the version on the CG-ROMs inside the November 1996 and October 1997 issues of Computer Gaming World Magazine, you may have heard that you don't have the full version. You're right.

The original game included several setup files, which once installed, loaded on to your hard drive (or your floppy disks!) the Wasteland game. One of the options in the setup process is restarting the game with the same characters.

In other words, you can win as many times as you want with the same batch of characters--the setup file can reset the maps only if you want. But only if you have the original version. For some reason, the deal that Interplay struck with Computer Gaming World magazine did not include the original version, nor does the 10 Year Anthology have the original files. (One source claims Interplay lost the original disks, but we won't go there....) If you want to reset the maps, you may be interested in the following home made reset program.

Here, I quote Jeremy Reaban, the author of this reset program, in an article he posted to the Usenet news group

As I've posted in the past, I've been working on a program that will reset the maps in Wasteland so you can play it again with the same characters. Since no one sent me any of their saved games, I had to play Wasteland through twice before I was sure it worked. Anyway, it's done. It seems to work. If anyone downloaded the early alpha I posted, this version is much improved. Now it's only one program, driven by a menu.
Jeremy Reaban no longer has this program at his home page which has been vaporized. Thanks to Tim Gray for locating this program for me!

You may now download his program from the Binaries Databse of the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid. The file is a PKZip file containing three files: the executable, a batch driver, and a readme:

Enjoy, and many happy adventures....

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