Another Supreme Jerk

A Wasteland End Status

The following are the earlier characters used by Ken Stone to thorougly explore Wateland. Lum was one of the team from the first PC version played (Previously a C64 had been used). The remainder are clones of the first team, with perhaps the exception of B-ko. He has a vague recollection of adding her later, and her points are consistent with this. A-ko was used as a break-away character towards the end to discover what ranks were available.

Ken retired this set of characters around 1990, and estimates to have played the game well in excess of a 100 times. Most of the games were played pre 1992, though quite a number have been played since, almost always with fresh characters.

Name: Lum
Rank: Fireteam Major
Sex: FemaleNat: U.S.
ST = 30IQ = 40LK = 50
SP = 28AGL= 32DEX= 20
CHR= 20SKP= 2MaxCon = 181
1-Confidence6-Perception1-Helicopter pilot
3-Medic7-Brawling7-Clip pistol
7-Rifle6-Swim7-Assault rifle
7-AT weapon7-SMG7-Energy weapon
6-Pugilism6-Knife fight 

Name: A-KO
Rank: Supreme Jerk
Sex: FemaleNat: Chinese
ST = 72IQ = 60LK = 100
SP = 60AGL= 70DEX= 70
CHR= 22SKP= 4MaxCon = 418
1-Silent move3-Bomb disarm1-Cyborg tech
1-Sleight of hand6-Knife throw7-Rifle
5-Acrobat8-Clip pistol6-Swim
7-AT weapon7-SMG7-Assault rifle
7-Energy weapon8-Brawling7-Knife fight
7-Pugilism1-Toaster repair1-Cryptology
25-Gamble1-Helicopter pilot1-Clone tech

Name: C-KO
Rank: Major Argent
Sex: FemaleNat: Chinese
ST = 32IQ = 34LK = 58
SP = 30AGL= 40DEX= 18
CHR= 40SKP= 2MaxCon = 185
4-Doctor 4-Climb 4-Cryptology
2-Toaster repair 2-Clone tech 6-Perception
8-Brawling 7-Pugilism 6-Swim
2-Clip pistol 3-AT weapon 4-SMG
7-Assault rifle 7-Energy weapon 7-Knife fight
1-Cyborg tech 1-Rifle

Name: B-KO
Rank: Combat Captain
Sex: FemaleNat: U.S.
ST = 30IQ = 32LK = 52
SP = 20AGL= 34DEX= 10
CHR= 18SKP= 0MaxCon = 139
6-Picklock 4-Climb 3-Bomb disarm
6-Perception 3-Doctor 8-Brawling
7-Clip pistol 6-Swim 7-Assault rifle
5-AT weapon 3-SMG 7-Energy weapon
20-Gamble 6-Pugilism 1-Combat shooting