Ben Rositas

December 4 AD 1997

A Wasteland End Status

"I have one powerful kick-butt Ranger to show the world! Unfortunately, the game got deleted. Computerized robot revenge got the best of him after all."
Name: Gen.Darwin        Rank: Brigadier General
ST = 40  IQ = 57  LK = 45  SP = 40  AGL= 41  DEX= 45  CHR= 36  SKP= ??  AC =  1
MaxCon = 264     Con = 264     Money = $??????   Sex: Male    Nat: U.S.
Weapon Equipped: Fists                  Armor Equipped: Leather
                                 (Nothing can hit him, why not wear leather?)

Proton Ax           Ion Beamer          Meson Canon

  8-Brawling          8-Pugilism          8-Perception        1-Silent move
  8-Picklock          8-Climb             4-Swim              3-Combat shooting
  1-Demolitions       3-Bomb disarm       8-AT weapons        8-Assault rifle
  8-Gamble            3-Safecrack         2-Cryptology        8-Energy weapons
  1-Cyborg tech       1-Helicopter pilot  1-Clone tech        1-Electronics
"Notes: Well, he certainly has lived up to his name. He's indestructable and punches anything into nonexistence.

Among those who travel with Gen.Darwin are his clones Cactus Jack, Tommy Hawk, and Gen.Roc. VAX the android was too weak to keep up, so was given his pension and disbanded in Las Vegas, to clear out the battery-operated toy robots there... and to do a little gambling! All's well in the Vegas Wasteland!"